Cuddles with your puppy are so much nicer when your puppy has soft clean fur. You want those hugs to last longer.

A Puppy Spa is your puppies introduction to the world of grooming & discounted for first groom only.
For puppies 13 weeks - 6 months.
Puppies must be fully vaccinated. We take puppies 10 days after their last vaccination.

Puppy Spa experience

  • Massage Wash and Blowdry
  • Puppy tearless shampoo
  • Clipped nails
  • Clipping of body if able to settle and is able to be safe with this new experience.
  • Tidy fur between eyes.
  • Tidy fur around paw pads.
  • Ear cleaning if needed.

We take it slowly with puppies and will only clip the body if the coat requires it and if the puppy is not stressed by the new tools used.
During the time your puppy is with us depending on the type of dogs we have in the salon your puppy will be able to mingle safely and make new social buddies and interact with groomers. By being able to mingle can help relax your puppy and help to extend his/hers ability to socialize.
Socialization of a puppy is the most important period during its first 16 weeks of puppyhood, this is the time your puppy can work out the social structure and learn how to react.
When socialization is guided it gives a puppy the best chance to grow into an adult who is reasonably confident and comfortable and will be a pleasure to have in life.

Prices  are for the first groom only:    Small: $38         Medium: $42