Country Bark & Bath Luxury Private Doggie Kindy is ideal for those doggies  who are groomed by us as we have created an environment fostering a bonding connection between the groomer and your furry family member that your dog trusts in.


Kindy group is for the pint sized to knee height doggies under 20kg and only up to 4 doggies at a time keeping it luxury private.


We have a secured courtyard with comfortable beds to rest in, tunnel to run through, small climbing fun, lots of toys and for those who just want to get away we have a private open pen area for that private nap.


It may seem unnecessary to some, but us dog people know that doggie daycare has a multitude of advantages that help your dog and family.


- great alternative to sitting home alone developing anxiety all day while the parents work.


- they meet and engage in new social play time with other dog buddies of similar size some whom they may already have previously met. They learn about social structure and how to react.


- home away from home. Dogs get excited about going to their favorite daycare. Just the mention of the word should get them in a tizzy.


-dogs learn etiquette  This helps dogs to learn what behaviors are socially acceptable among other dogs as well as humans creating better behavior for your dog and an enjoyable way to get a healthier more well adjusted pet.


Pet parents can have total confidence that their furry friends will be extremely well cared for and loved in their absence. We endeavor to pamper your pooch with love and luxury as if they were our own.




Full Day    $25.00

Half Day $15.00  Up to 4 hours between 8.30am - 5.30pm.


Dog Chat

For the doggies who are not our groomed dogs we will have a chat with the owner about their dogs personality and social ability followed with an Half Day Doggie Kindy session to see how your dog mingles with our other regular furry friends.


Doggie Kindy Daycare is same days as salon days Tuesday to Saturday.

This service is not available thru online booking to book your doggie a kindy place give us a call.