Finding lots of hair in the house, having to vacuum more, finding hair on your clothes?
This Deshedding treatment will help to lessen those woes.
For those dogs with double or triple undercoat, Border Collies.

Promotes healthy skin and coat, enriched with Calendula extract and Papaya Leaf extract, this blend helps to reduce excess loose hair from shedding by releasing the undercoat during the bath. Time is spent on the coat before entering the bath to release some hair and loosen up matts.

Give your dog a warm muscle relaxing bath experience.

  • Your dog’s coat is washed twice with a professional shampoo and warm fresh water.
  • The first shampoo deep cleans into the coat and gently removes stains, dander & grease.
  • The second shampoo is soaked in deep deshedding solution.
  • Time is spent to extensively brush the solution into the coat gives a ultimate clean down to the skin and taking the time to massage the shampoo thru the coat helps to cleanse the coat, stimulates blood flow, relaxes muscles, and leaves hair silky, shiny and soft, helping to keep your dog’s body in healthy balance.
  • Blast dry the solution into the coat using blow dryer to push the solution into the coat.
  • A thorough rinse pushing loose hair into the bath.
  • Blowdrying using a professional drying system allowing thorough drying and an opportunity for us to see the skin below the coat for any health concerns.
  • Brushing, combing, fluffing hair out, giving a smooth soft shiny coat.
  • The option either brush out naturally or can scissor tidy chest, rear pant area, legs furnishings.
  • Trim tidy around feet.
  • Nails clipped and grinded.
  • Your dog’s inner ear will be checked for excess hair which will be removed and the ear will be cleaned.
  • Decorative ribbon on collar.
  • Coconut scent for a soft silky feel that you breathe in with a hug.

Due to size, breed and coat pricing will be discussed with client upon arrival check in.