Working towards being a Sustainable salon.
I have been wanting to find ways to become a sustainable salon and now I am closer to achieving that goal and making salon waste history, reducing environmental impact, and help local business. So have been searching for a place for all the dog hair to be able to be recycled in some way and have been successful to find a local business to help.
Dog hair will now go to a local gardening business Charleen's Harvest in Buckland for her to add it to her compost pile which will add another breakdown to the compost which will eventally end up on the growing garden and vegetables for her wonderful garden and shop. Charleen's fresh produce is grown sustainably all natural organic produce. So if you want local fresh veges grown from a sustainable grower then visit Charleen's Harvest.
Dog poop is put into it own dog poop pit.
Paper and plastic shampoo bottles are recycled.
Bath waste water is in the process of being pumped to a separate tank which the water can be stored and sprayed onto our paddocks for the sheep, which will be great in warmer months when grass is sparse.
 So happy the salon can be kinder to the planet. A small sustainable step but as they say every step helps. So appreciate the dog hair can help a local gardening business.😊