If your dog is badly matted, or its coat is in clumps on its body, it may be time for a New Start Groom!

This is the time when drastic but safe measures need to be taken. When a dog arrives with matting it reduces our styling options. We can at times manage to dematt and brush out minor matting but for severe matting this is just not possible. Dematting can be a lengthy, painful, stressful experience for both the dog and the groomer.  Here at Country Bark & Bath our first concern is Humanity over Vanity and as a result, a New Start Groom is often the only option left for severely matted dogs that have not been groomed for some time. 

A New Start groom is a new start! It is a Full Style groom in which your dog's fur is clipped off completely to remove all matting. This is a time-consuming procedure that involves clipping close to the skin. Due to clipping so close to the skin we will put safety and comfort of the dog first before cosmetic looks.

Prices: Is an addition to Country Style Full Groom and pricing will be discussed with client upon arrival check in.

Please Allow 4hrs for a New Start groom.

We can even provide doggie daycare in our purpose built, secure play area when your dog is booked in for their groom.