This is for the first time nervous dogs, nervous puppies, that are anxious at being groomed. Great for those dogs that are too shy to be groomed.
By giving the time it increases the chance for the dog to relax and start to trust the groomer and the new environment without having to cope with a full grooming experience.
It includes time with the groomer, a tactile experience, time to socialise, and treats along the way. Your dog’s experience will include:

  • Being put into an pen with a comfy bed in sight of the groomer where they can watch and listen to other dogs being groomed.
  • Be offered treats whilst in the pen.
  • Be taken over to the grooming table and offered some treats and a few minutes of brushing.
  • Handling of their feet, nails, check the mouth and ears, massage around the face and ears, run hands over the tail, moving hands all over the body repeatedly and practice turning the dog in each direction.
  • Returning dog to the the ground try for simple commands ‘Sit, Down’ and play a fun toy game to help reward the dog.
  • Opportunity to play with other suitable sized dogs under supervision.

Prices: All for 3.5hours